Our Heritage

30 years’ experience designing and delivering customer-driven solutions


With over 30 years of field-proven experience, Synectics has acquired intimate knowledge of the unique customer requirements and priorities in commercial, public and industrial environments where security is critical to their operations.

Explore three decades of technology innovation and market development in our infographic:

30 years designing and developing customer-driven solutions

From tech start-up to problem solver

Synectics was founded as a surveillance technology R&D house with one simple aim. To develop technologies that either didn’t exist or needed enhancing, in order to best meet the requirements of each project we worked on.

At the time, and through the 1990s when Government funding saw a dramatic increase in town and city center CCTV schemes in the UK, these were almost entirely public space contracts. To this day public space surveillance remains a core Synectics strand, with our solutions monitoring over 100 town and city centers worldwide.

Those early days saw us take a leading role in key industry developments around analog control and switching technology, and – back when it was in its infant stage - digital recording. It was ‘tech influenced by talk’ as each tweak we made, or product we created, was prompted by wish lists from customers wanting to monitor, manage, and store their video data more effectively and efficiently.

By 2002, when Synectics plc became an AIM listed company, this customer-driven approach had seen us transition from a technology developer to a fully-fledged surveillance solutions provider.

Satisfying sector needs

In the early 2000s we honed our proposition further. While tailored to individual project needs, the solutions we were developing shared a common theme. They were, and remain to this day, ideally suited to large scale projects with a clearly defined critical and/or legislative need for security. Needs which also drove our solutions to be naturally suited for specific sectors.

Building on our heritage in public space surveillance, the transport market was a clear fit for Synectics, and in 2004 we acquired Look CCTV Limited – the UK’s leading supplier of CCTV systems for buses and coaches.

By this time, our expertise and experience in critical surveillance had also seen us build profile in both High Security and heavy industrial settings, particularly in the Oil & Gas market. Our acquisition of COEX Ltd, a firm specializing in camera technology and known for its Oil & Gas expertise, further supported our offering for this sector.

When it comes to distinct critical and legislative need, few sectors can rival the regulatory and security demands facing casinos. Here too there was opportunity. Aided by our acquisition of AlphaPoint LLC in 2005 - a specialist California-based digital surveillance provider - we began to grow our gaming credentials in the US marketplace. In just two years our solutions were recording over 10,000 cameras in North America, in some of the largest casinos in the world.

Today they monitor and record more than 100,000 channels in over 100 gaming properties worldwide.

Expanding our reach

With a Sheffield head office, a North American sales and service base in place, and a clear sector-focussed approach generating organic growth across continents, Synectics truly began to ‘go global’.

By 2010, our Oil & Gas project portfolio included world leading land-based and offshore projects in the North Sea, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Australasia, North Africa and the Americas. We began tendering for and winning competitive ‘mega casino’ contracts across Asia Pacific – the new power in global gaming. And, supported by our acquisition of Indanet AG in Munich, our transport and infrastructure solutions started to spread across Europe and beyond. Today they protect over 1 billion passenger journeys every year.

With these geographic pathways opening up opportunities for all of our key verticals, we invested in our global infrastructure – establishing strategic bases in Singapore, Macau and Germany, and in 2014, a new 54,000 sq. ft. operational center of excellence to provide industry-leading support for our global customer base. 

Technology evolution, not revolution

Our sector and geographic growth has always been underpinned by technical knowledge. All our products, from system hardware and cameras to our software based solutions, have evolved according to customer need and sector experience.

We don’t start with IT innovation and make it fit a security application; we start with what customers need to be able to do. We always have.

Synergy is the perfect example. A simple graphical user interface in origin, designed purely to make camera and video control easier, Synergy has transitioned from its analog heritage to reflect the needs of an ‘IP generation’ and the changing face of surveillance control rooms. It has evolved to become Synergy 3 – an open architecture command and control platform designed to help operators monitor and make sense of the wealth of digital data now critical to their business.  

From launching the first world’s first Ex certified thermal camera station to help ensure operating conditions never have to compromise security, to turning an on-vehicle digital recorder into a software platform to support vehicle-to-ground convergence, the solutions we’ve developed over the years, and continue to develop today, all started one way. With a customer conversation. 

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