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High Security & Public Space

Safeguarding landmark sites and venues



  • We have the UK’s largest dedicated high security service team.
  • We protect 50% of the UK’s nuclear power stations.
  • We have provided security and surveillance to over 100 town and city centres in the UK.
  • Britain’s leading heritage and tourist sites trust us to protect its visitors and treasures.
  • We maintain security solutions at two-thirds of the UK’s major secure mental health hospitals.
  • The UK’s largest shale gas producer relies on us to upgrade and maintain its sites’ security solutions.
  • We protect and manage over 16,000 sites, £50 million of customer spend and handle 500,000 operational transactions each year.

An outstanding track record

We have a long and well established reputation as experts within the high security & public space sectors, delivering turnkey, end-to-end solutions, as well as the technology that lies at their heart.

Our strength in design, integration, outsourced monitoring and management enables us to assume an ever increasing responsibility for the protection and operational improvement of critical and high security sites, infrastructure and employees.

Synectics’ Systems division serves these customers globally with technology, while our integration & managed services teams at Quadrant and SSS operate primarily in the UK market.

“They’re very different from other suppliers we’ve got. They’re more responsive and I think it’s because we’ve got that personal knowledge of each other. We know who we’re dealing with. You’re not just a phone call.”

Public space

The public space landscape is increasingly defined by three conflicting but equally important needs. Heightened threat levels make public safety an absolute priority.

However, significant investment in legacy infrastructure and restricted budgets have driven an emphasis towards cost efficiency and utilising existing assets. It is a dilemma we are well positioned to help our customers tackle.

Synectics’ surveillance solutions and services are ideally suited to multi-site consolidation such as merged control rooms, inter-agency communications, unifying analogue and IP camera technology, and enforcing operational efficiencies for cost reduction.

For more than three decades we have engineered and installed enterprise-class surveillance solutions to protect town and city centres – Synectics monitors more than 100 town and city centres in the UK alone – universities, heritage sites, hospitals, prisons and defence sites.

High security

Often matching public space settings for size and complexity, commercial high security sites – from financial institutions and utility networks to power stations and data centres – are vital and therefore vulnerable to the threat of disruptive attack.

Physical security is paramount in these environments, as is the need to demonstrate process and protocols in line with regulatory compliance. Clear audit trails are a must. Operators in this arena also need value-added solutions which facilitate greater integration of security systems with other operational and building management systems.

Our public space expertise is relevant and valuable. Coupled with our history of developing and installing specialist security and surveillance systems for large-scale industrial and commercial environments where high quality video, reliable monitoring, advanced systems integration and situational management functionality are essential, Synectics is the perfect partner for customers operating in the high security arena.

Managing and verifying services

Public space/commercial organisations – particularly those with multi-site estates such as retail and leisure facilities – often have an additional requirement. In addition to facing the security and efficiency challenges already highlighted – the need to centrally manage, track and audit property, facilities and security services is vital.

Simplifying and streamlining overwhelming amounts of measurable data to deliver service and security transparency has become a distinct sector requirement.

Our SSS business enables us to fulfil this need and capitalise on the opportunity it presents. Utilising new generation computer aided facilities management (‘CAFM’) systems to provide tailored dashboards and reporting capabilities, we offer support models ranging from simple monitoring of specific signals (refrigeration temperatures, security alarms) or auditing our clients’ contractors for compliance and invoice accuracy, through to acting as a principal security and FM contractor on our clients’ behalf (subcontracting and managing all services).

Together with our Group-wide capabilities in high security & public space surveillance, we are in a powerful and unique position to deliver single vendor, end-to-end solutions.

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