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Securing the largest oil & gas projects in over 50 countries throughout the world



  • We monitor the world’s largest gas-to-liquids plant, Shell Pearl in Qatar, with over 340 cameras across the site.
  • We have delivered over 10,000 COEX camera stations in the last ten years to oil & gas and marine installations across the globe.
  • We protect the largest, most expensive floating structure ever built (Shell Prelude Floating Liquefied Natural Gas Facility).

A proven leader in a challenging market

Our experience and knowledge of the oil & gas industry is enabling us to anticipate and respond to the changes that are occurring in the market. Synectics holds a strong position in this sector, and we are proud of the reputation we have built.

“Their people are well versed; they’re very familiar with our business and our operating environment.”

The oil & gas industry has faced considerable challenges in recent years, with the pressure on oil prices in particular inhibiting investment in new exploration and infrastructure.

The downturn in the market is inevitably bringing changes. We are seeing a different landscape emerging in terms of customers and opportunities, and we believe the shakedown in the industry will continue for some while yet.

What remains unaltered is the complexity of the task our customers face in ensuring the security of their sites: safeguarding on-site personnel; protecting offshore and remote onshore pipeline locations; and monitoring hazardous and explosive areas.

The market also demands solutions that meet the rigorous and constantly changing requirements of compliance legislation in this sector.

Even in the difficult commercial conditions which currently prevail, the need for comprehensive, reliable and integrated site management systems remains a key requirement.

That’s why our proposition has endured for over 30 years.

“I felt that with the amount of R&D that Synectics was putting into the product, they were the horse we had to be backing. So, we made the change and we now work solely with Synectics.”

Our robust and reliable camera stations (COEX) – combined with our ability to tailor and deploy integrated solutions that make mission-critical data manageable, meaningful and actionable – mean we are able to offer turnkey solutions for the oil, gas and marine industry that deliver performance and peace of mind.

Multi-site infrastructure is common within the oil & gas sector. It is not always efficient, economical or safe to physically patrol all locations on an estate, or manage individual surveillance solutions locally. The systems and products we deploy must be faultless and facilitate remote monitoring and analysis, often thousands of miles away from the site itself.

Products need to perform flawlessly under extreme conditions; one site we protect experiences temperatures which oscillate between 40°C in summer and -40°C in winter. Whether the challenge is location, temperature, light, corrosion or threat detection – image quality and system reliability cannot be compromised.

The oil & gas industry is all about people, in terms of both worker protection and professional partnerships. It’s about teamwork. Our projects involve working closely with our ‘end clients’ – the companies which own and operate oil & gas installations – but they also involve working with engineers, construction firms, telecommunications providers, and other specialist security and surveillance firms.

The collective reputation of our highly skilled, experienced people, coupled with our ability to design, test, document, certify and deploy end-to-end surveillance and security solutions, supports our partners, reassures end users and enables us to build strong, enduring relationships at every level and every stage of a project’s lifecycle.

Those relationships have helped Synectics develop a truly global project profile. We work with customers and partners throughout Europe and the Middle East. In the APAC region, we are active in Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, and expanding our presence in South Korea, Japan and China. We also continue to pursue selected opportunities in the US, working in tandem with our partners in Houston.

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