Transport & Infrastructure

Protecting major infrastructure hubs and 27,000 vehicles globally



  • We protect the busiest airport in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • We provide and support command and control systems for the fourth busiest metro system in Europe, covering 170 stations and serving 1 billion passengers each year.
  • We work with the largest rail operator in Germany and the largest rail network in Europe.
  • We supply four of the top railway rolling stock builders in Europe.
  • We protect 50% of London Boroughs and our solutions support 88% of London buses.

Experience driving expansion in growth sectors

Transport & infrastructure sectors offer some of the largest opportunities for the security and surveillance industry over the next five to ten years.

Worldwide investment in critical infrastructure establishments, such as airports, metro systems and ports, is at an all time high.

Continuing urbanisation around the world is driving both the opportunity and the need for the expansion of transport systems, such as metro, mass transit rail and bus, that rely on population density to function efficiently.

The global rail industry is going through a massive technology refresh and we are seeing more rolling stock replacements than ever before.

In parallel to these developments, the unrelenting threat of terrorism and crime leaves owners and operators of transport infrastructure with no choice but to invest in smart and robust security, emergency and operational technologies. The market is looking for continued innovation.

It is also looking for simplification. The vast array of systems now essential to transport & infrastructure settings generate huge volumes of data, a fact driving the industry to seek out solutions which can maximise and make sense of the information at its fingertips. Transport owners and operators are recognising the potential for more powerful, integrated command and control systems, which not only protect the public but help to deliver a better passenger experience, both in and around the ‘hubs’ (rail, metro and bus stations) and on the vehicles themselves.

Transport surveillance is no longer just about CCTV. It is about protecting and serving people at every stage of their passenger journey.

“Synectics is one of the strongest technically. The quality of the product is good and the backup seems to be good as well.”

All of these developments very much play to our strengths. Synectics has been designing and delivering integrated end-to‑end solutions for transport hubs for decades. Our smart, flexible, user-friendly solutions, with Synergy 3 at their core, can be found protecting airports, ports and rail networks throughout the world.

Together with our suite of cameras, recording and integrated data management solutions for on-vehicle applications – from bus fleets to rail stock – we are ideally positioned to meet vehicle, site, network-wide and converged surveillance needs.

Our ‘complete journey’ credentials are increasingly important moving forward. The worlds of on-vehicle and transport hub surveillance are merging to enable Smart City operations – situational awareness spanning entire critical urban infrastructures. Synergy 3’s open architecture and integration capabilities support organisations looking to enable connectivity and data sharing between vehicles and transport hubs to achieve true convergence and Smart City ideals.

Transport operators responsible for protecting passengers, transport assets and infrastructure have complex needs and face challenges which justify serious investment. They need solutions and experienced partners they can trust and evolve with. Synectics meets these distinct requirements.

From our hubs in the UK, Germany, and Southeast Asia, we deploy transport & infrastructure solutions for high profile projects across the globe. But we also retain the agility of a high value challenger brand where expertise, flexibility, desire and a strong personal service ethic can be brought to bear.

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