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Great technology, a flexible attitude and deep sector expertise set Synectics apart


Synectics plc is a leader in the design, integration, control and management of advanced surveillance technology and networked security systems.

With over 30 years of field-proven experience, Synectics has acquired intimate knowledge of the unique customer requirements and priorities in commercial, public and industrial environments where security is critical to their operations.

Meeting the needs of highly demanding clients for Oil & Gas, Gaming, Transport, Infrastructure, High Security & Public Space applications, Synectics engineers sector-specific, tailored security solutions that its customers rely upon to safeguard their people, facilities and assets – across the world.

A unique business with a unique culture, guided by our customers

Synectics combines the scale and track record required to handle major projects, with the agility, innovation and ‘can do’ attitude of an independent firm.

“We punch above our weight. We deliver large-scale programmes for world class companies. We protect and support critical public infrastructure around the world. We win highly prized contracts in direct competition with global conglomerates many, many times our size.”

At the same time, in an industry where smaller firms can sometimes appear lightweight, we are respected for our integrity and we have built a deep and enduring reputation.

Our business is built around some fundamental strengths:

  • deep knowledge of the sectors we serve;
  • high-end technical expertise;
  • top quality products and systems that deliver in the most challenging environments;
  • the flexibility and agility to tailor customised solutions to customers’ precise needs; and
  • a strong 'human touch' - warm, personable people with a huge commitment to our clients.

These assets have enabled us to build a formidable company over the past 30 years, and a business which has now established the foundations for considerable further growth.

A clearly defined proposition in a dynamic market

The medium and long-term prospects for the security and surveillance industry are strong. The industry as a whole will continue to grow, fuelled not only by the need for sophisticated protection in an uncertain world, but also by the expansion of the markets in which our customers operate and the continuing requirement in many parts of the world for new or substantially upgraded infrastructure.

We have an enviable track record, and this enables us to benefit both from high levels of contract renewal and recommendations to new customers.

“Our mission is clear: to lead the creation of security and surveillance solutions that are precisely adapted for some of the world’s most challenging environments.”

We continue to attract and retain top calibre professionals, provide solutions which enable our customers to meet the considerable challenges they face and, in the process, are confident we can deliver growth for our own business and strong returns for our shareholders.

Above all, we recognise that effective, well integrated security command and control is not only about physical assets, smart technology and sophisticated products. At its heart it is about people; the general public whom we seek to serve, and the industry professionals who accept the very human responsibility of protecting us all.

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