About Us

Our Business

About Us

Our Business

Our Vision

Our vision is to be at the forefront of developing solutions that are tailored for specific markets where security and surveillance are critical to operations.

We will be the go-to provider in these markets – protecting what matters, where it matters most.

Our Purpose

“We value our people and culture highly, and through this we build a deep understanding of our customers’ needs, and strive to continually enhance our products, services, collaboration and support to create solutions they can rely on completely.

We are committed to being a trusted partner ensuring security, safety, and peace of mind.”

A Clearly Defined Proposition

The medium and long-term prospects for the security and surveillance industry are strong. The industry as a whole will continue to grow, fuelled not only by the need for sophisticated protection in an uncertain world, but also by the expansion of the markets in which our customers operate and the continuing requirement in many parts of the world for new or substantially upgraded infrastructure.

We have an enviable track record, and this enables us to benefit both from high levels of contract renewal and recommendations to new customers.

“We deliver large-scale programmes for world class companies. We protect and support critical public infrastructure around the world. We win highly prized contracts in direct competition with global conglomerates many, many times our size.”

A Unique Business With a Unique Culture

Synectics combines the scale and track record required to handle major projects, with the agility, innovation and ‘can do’ attitude of an independent firm.

Our business is built around some fundamental strengths:

  • Customer-led innovation 
  • Deep industry expertise
  • Long-term partnerships
  • Specialists in complex and regulated environments

These have enabled us to build a formidable company with the foundations for considerable growth.