Recording and monitoring over 100,000 video channels in over 100 casinos



  • We operate in the world’s largest gaming markets – the US, Canada, Macau, Singapore and the Philippines.
  • We monitor the highest grossing casinos in Las Vegas, New York and Singapore.
  • We have over 15,000 cameras recording on 15 gaming cruise ships.
  • At one site, a single Synectics system records over 20,000 channels.
  • Ontario Lottery Gaming has installed Synectics solutions in over 30 gaming properties over the past 15 years.

Reliability, flexibility and a superior user experience have earned us worldwide success

Gaming is one of the most technically demanding, highly regulated leisure industries in the world.

Monitoring vast, crowded facilities in low-light conditions where massive amounts of cash constantly changes hands creates a distinctly challenging security and surveillance environment for our high profile clients.

Casinos are the largest users of surveillance cameras in single location sites, with camera counts often totalling in the thousands.

They depend on those cameras to guard against fraud, staff collusion, security threats and theft and also to avoid regulatory penalties, making image quality and system reliability essential. Downtime is unacceptable.

However, gaming surveillance is not just about cameras. It is also about data. Accurately identifying and efficiently neutralising risk is paramount to casino profitability. Those risks can only be recognised if awareness extends to all aspects of operations, which is why casinos also rely on player tracking systems, point of sales information, alarms, gaming systems, access control, slot management solutions and video analytics.

No single system gives a comprehensive view of operations, so systems integration is key. However, the data generated by individual systems is too vast and disconnected to understand in a meaningful way. Operators need to be able to ‘cut through the noise’ to quickly detect, prioritise and respond to events that truly matter and deserve attention, in a way which suits their specific property and user preferences.

An effective gaming surveillance solution meets all these demands. It empowers users to work smarter, not harder, giving them instant access to the relevant and specific information they need, and – through features such as integrated workflows – the ability and confidence to take appropriate and consistent action under critical conditions.

“I believe you have some of the best and most knowledgeable staff. No matter what you give them they will help fix any issues and they are patient when they are dealing with someone who is not as experienced as themselves.”

Synectics’ commitment to developing solutions such as these is why we have become a serious global player in the gaming sector. Our success in gaming is founded on deep specialist knowledge of the sector – gained over 30 years – and the ability of our expert technical and service teams to devise creative ways to solve problems, rapidly develop and test improvements, and deploy turnkey solutions quickly to meet customer challenges.

Our proposition is based around proven, scalable, highly reliable, customisable, open platform, turnkey systems. Synectics’ solutions are built using the unique features and capabilities of the Synergy 3 software platform, and offer the flexibility to work with customers’ existing hardware, popular third-party products and their preferred integration partners as required.

“The Synectics product for casino CCTV applications has certainly ridden a wave of interest in Asia.”

Having expanded from our original base in North America we now serve over 100 major casinos across Asia and other parts of the world. Today, we are active in the US, Canada, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea, Australia, South Africa, Europe and the Netherlands, as well as with several leading global cruise lines. The majority of our customers are large single property or multi-casino gaming corporations which value close, long-term partnerships, technical ingenuity and turnkey reliability, which Synectics offers.

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