Why Invest In Synectics?


Why Invest In Synectics?

Our distinctive blend of customer-driven innovations, industry expertise and strategic partnerships empowers us to generate lasting value for our investors.

We’re strategically positioned for growth, backed by a strong track record, and ready to capitalise on emerging opportunities in our target markets.

Dividend-Paying UK-Based Technology Company

We’re a technological innovator addressing a global market and provides investors with stable dividends.

A Trusted Brand with Strategic Partnerships

We’ve built a strong reputation with long-standing customers and partnerships and, alongside our diversified sales channels network, have ensured a wide reach and strong sales opportunities.

“In this region, we are really the only company with the engineering and solution knowledge necessary to undertake such a task and for us, Synergy is the ideal platform to be working with.”

General Manager – West, Western Advance

Customer-Driven Innovations

Our products are at the forefront of technological advancement, integrating artificial intelligence and other capabilities to deliver cutting-edge security and surveillance solutions.

“By integrating its Synergy platform with Microsoft Azure, Synectics is giving its customers the freedom to adopt new ways of working. All with the highest levels of data security and control.”

Director of Public Safety and Justice, Microsoft

Tailored Solutions for Specialist Markets

Our solutions are specially designed for very particular markets with high barriers to entry, presenting lucrative opportunities in sectors often challenging to penetrate.

“Our aim is to ensure the City is the safest city area in the world. Synectics shares our vision for the future of fully integrated public space security and surveillance and we are confident their team can provide a future-proof platform to help us achieve the aims of ourselves and the City of London Corporation.”

T/Commander David Evans


Channels are being monitored and recorded by Synergy worldwide.


Synergy installations across key markets throughout the world.


COEX camera stations delivered in the last ten years.