Synectics plc (AIM: SNX), a leader in advanced security and surveillance systems, announces the release of the latest version of its proprietary software platform, Synergy. This most recent update includes data analysis tools, the integration of further AI and sector-specific capabilities, improved functionality for users and more robust cyber security, further strengthening the system's resilience against cyber threats.

The Synergy platform has long supported the integration of many third-party analytics and AI tools into its single front-end platform for users. Synectics has seamlessly integrated complementary technology from multiple partners, including Microsoft, Nvidia, NEC and many others.  The open-architecture nature of the platform provides a bedrock for future upgrades and additional AI tools to be introduced going forward. This enables Synectics to deliver the capabilities required by customers to satisfy both current and future demands, and to allow for a seamless user experience, and cost-effective upgrades, when newer technology from existing or different vendors becomes available. 

AI functionality has multiple benefits, including risk detection and data analysis, improved operations and response times and to meet privacy regulations and requirements. For example, AI-powered video search can reduce investigation time from days to minutes.

The Synergy user interface has been simplified and additional functionality introduced, such as the availability of additional formats when generating external reports. The mapping capabilities of the system have also been improved, with CAD maps now included as standard and more premium GIS maps available. Furthermore, this update allows for easier customisation and management of the maps on a customer-by-customer basis. 

For more information about Synergy, please visit the Company’s website: Synergy Software

Paul Webb, Chief Executive Officer of Synectics, commented: "This latest release of our Synergy software platform has been developed in conjunction with our customers to respond to their requirements, and the additional security features reflect ongoing development to ensure we maintain cutting-edge solutions against new and emerging threats. We also continue to expand the platform's capability to integrate with third parties to ensure we're able to continue to support leading AI technologies as they are developed and utilised in our markets."

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